My Account Controls

Simple control of your online life

At Vodafone, we want your connected life to feel Unlimited. 

Part of that unlimited life is knowing how much data you’ve used, or getting a message when you need to top up. So, we’ve made it even easier for you to keep track of your additional lines and devices.

Just opt in using your My Account Controls and we’ll send you a message about your data usage when you need it.



How does it work?


We help you to call the shots. If you own the account and have extra lines or devices, control them using My Account controls.

As the owner, you’re able to control every device on your account. Once you opt in and add your additional lines to the service, we’ll automatically message you when your devices are almost out of data. It’s in your hands which devices you want to opt in.

What’s more, so you’re truly Unlimited, you’ll have the final say on buying additional data and extras. You can even set and remove caps – so we’ll always send you the bill you expect.


Log in to My Vodafone and opt your account users in to My Account Controls.

Log in and take control



Key features

  • Line chart Line chart

    Keep connected

    We’ll automatically send you updates about your device use, so you’ll know which are running out of data. Then you can decide if you want to top them up and keep them connected.


  • Desktop or mobile Desktop or mobile

    You’re in control

    We’ve kept it simple and free to use. Manage your settings at any time through My Vodafone online or in your My Vodafone app.

  • Purchase Purchase

    Give them a little Extra

    As the account owner, only you can buy more data or Extras for your additional lines. Whoever you’ve given a little Extra to will receive notifications – but they’ll have to talk to you if they need more.


  • Control switches Control switches

    Caps and bars

    If your additional lines have been left behind bars or crushed by caps – they can only be set free by you – the user. Keep yourself at the centre of connectivity, and make sure you review the bars you’ve applied to make sure you keep yourself in control.


Need help?


We’ll help you find your answer 

Check the My Account Controls FAQs

Please note: If you’ve already added extra permissions to the users of your additional phones or devices, then you’ll need to reset them. You can set the permission to ‘Read only’ if you want to keep these users restricted.

If you need help, talk to us by calling 191.