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The best of the best - find the right phone, tablet or accessory for you

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out which device is best for the things you love. That's why we've gathered all our guides to the best touchscreen phones, virtual reality phones and more in one place. So let us cut through the noise and help you find your perfect phone, tablet or accessory.

See phones for kids and teens

Best for kids and teens

Check out great options for a child's first phone or tech-savvy teenagers - plus find advice on how to keep them safe in cyberspace.

Best tablets for older people

Best tablets for older people

Tablets are a great choice for elderly people who want to stay in touch easily and need clear screens to browse and watch entertainment.

See phones with big buttons

Phones with big buttons for elderly people

Simple and classic. No-nonsense phones with proper keypads for texts, calls and pictures - we've got a great selection to choose from.

Best budget phones

Finding the best budget phone

Need a budget phone? With freedom from contracts and cheaper monthly payments, here’s why a budget phone might be right for you.

Smartphones which cost under £100

Best budget smartphones for under £100

If you'd like a phone which costs less than £100, there are some great Pay as you go models available. Here are the ones we’d recommend.

See the best phones under £200

Best budget smartphones for under £200

If you’re looking for a phone which costs less than £200, there are some superb mid-range choices available which could be the perfect fit.

See the best phones under £300

Best for under £300

Want to stay within budget? Here's a list of our premium Pay as you go smartphones with high-definition screens, for less than £300.

See rugged phones

Tough, rugged phones

Work outdoors or live an active lifestyle? The toughest phones, with Gorilla Glass and waterproof, drop-tested cases, are all here.

See 10 inch tablets

Best 10 inch tablets

Discover our range of 10 inch tablets with large, clear screens, long battery lives and powerful processors